How do forestry mulchers work?
Our machines grind all unwanted trees and brush into mulch. This leaves behind a bed that can be driven on immediately after land clearing or cedar removal.

What happens to mulch left on the ground?
The mulch left behind prevents erosion, improves soil quality, helps grass and forb seeds germinate and grow into an absorbent carpet that reduces evaporation and increases infiltration of rain.

Will grass and vegetation grow through the mulch?                                       

Yes! We have cleared thousands of acres by mulching the trees. Grass WILL come back stronger! If you would like to visit the ranches we have worked on to see the grass growth we are happy to set that up with previous clients.

How many acres can be cleared per day?
This is dependent on the property. Please call us for a free on-site estimate.

Can I select certain trees that I want to keep?

Yes! Selective land clearing is our specialty.  Experienced  operators will protect all of your valuable trees! Notice how we only removed the cedar and left desirable trees untouched...no matter how small.

How much do you charge?
Each job is different. Contact us..we will visit your property and give you a free price quote. In comparison with traditional methods such as bulldozing and shears, our prices are very affordable. Our machines can cover a lot of ground in a short period of time.  

Will the trees grow back?
No, cedar trees can never resprout from ground-down trunks.
Our machines can grind trees to 3 inches below ground level, leaving no stumps behind.

  • Faster than shears and bulldozing
  • No damage to the ground or roots of surrounding trees
  • No burning
  • No haul-off
  • Keep the trees you want Immediate use of cleared property
  • Erosion protection
  • Go where bulldozers can’t
  • Work in wet conditions when heavier machines are unusable
  • Gives property a manicured look
  • Mulch improves soil content

Forestry Mulchers versus Bulldozing

Bulldozers remove trees with force, by pushing them up out of the ground by their roots. Top soil is pulled up with the roots and will be washed away after the first rain. Often, no vegetation will grow after a bulldozer has cleared land because there is nothing left to grow on. Dozers are heavy machines. They leave unattractive ruts and can damage valuable trees while removing unwanted vegetation. After bulldozing, land owners must either rent more equipment and have the huge piles left behind hauled off or burn them, which destroys organic matter and sterilizes soil for years.

Our light-weight forestry mulchers work by grinding all unwanted trees and brush into mulch. Soil is left undisturbed and the protective layer of mulch will hold soil in place during heavy rains, preventing soil erosion. The mulch creates ground cover that can be driven on by trucks and equipment immediately after land clearing or cedar removal. The mulch also improves soil quality by adding nutrients. Grasses and other vegetation WILL grow through the mulch. In fact, mulch will help grass come back faster. If needed we can seed your land with native grass during cedar/brush removal. 

Primarily we serve the Texas Hill Country, Central Texas and South Texas areas. We will travel anywhere in Texas in some cases. Call us today for a free estimate.

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Our forestry mulchers can effectively remove cedar and improve your land in the Texas Hill Country, Central Texas, South Texas and San Antonio, TX areas.  Cedar Beetle provides cedar clearing, brush clearing and land clearing services in the following Texas counties: Medina County, Real County, Uvalde County, Kimble County, Edwards County, Comal County, Bandera County and Kerr County. Our cedar clearing, brush clearing and land clearing services are available in and around New Braunfels Texas, Bulverde Texas, Utopia Texas, Lost Maples area, Bandera Texas, Junction Texas, Mason Texas, Pipe Creek Texas, Segovia Texas, Medina Texas, Llano Texas, Center Point Texas, Uvalde Texas, Leakey Texas, Concan Texas, Sabinal Texas, Hondo Texas, Kerrville Texas, and many other areas that have become infested with cedar.